You buy

When you decide to buy a property, you must ask yourself several questions:

What type of buyer are you?

When you want to buy a property, you must determine the type of buyer you are.

– Are you about to make your first purchase?
– Summers you an experienced buyer?
– Would you like to buy a seat in the housing?
– Do you make an investment?

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What type of property I want to buy?

Depending on whether you buy an apartment, a condo, a single family home, a plex or apartment block, as much the acquisition cost that incurred costs (municipal and school taxes, interviews, costs, etc.) are not at all the same. The use that we will make is not the same.

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What is my budget?

Before starting the purchase of a property, it is always important to know the maximum budget that we will be able to use in the acquisition of a new property. If you’re about to make your first real estate purchase, you have access to the RAP program.

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